Dry skin and itchy skin are most problematic skin in winter. Dry skin happens any time in the year. But mostly happen in winter. The most common problem is dry skin in winter season .if you also bother about same problem fallow these beauty tips to get recharge and fresh look.
Natural beauty tips for Dry Skin

• Take mixer of same quantity of rose water and glycerin and apply on total body after shower .this is very useful and also suggested by dermatologists.
• Stop using of acidic products and use soft moistures. Massage with any soft moisture this will helpful for glowing your dry skin.
• Drink daily more than 8 glasses of water. This is very simple and best beauty tip for dry skin to get natural glow. Water is the natural moister of skin.
• You must clean your face daily with lukewarm water because our environment totally polluted that’s why you have to remove the dust particles from your face. And apply sun screen lotions before going to outside.
• Scrub the dry skin for removes the dead cells from the dry skin and also helpful for breath the skin and also useful for blood circulation. At the same time excessive scrubbing of skin is harmful for dry skin.
• Don’t keep the make ups for more time because the makeup products stop the breath the skin this may cause for skin dryness.
• Eating the food contains with vitamins and minerals and fruits in our daily routine life is also very helpful for glowing skin and soft the dry skin.
• According to our atmosphere you have to change our daily skin care routines. When the climate is humid and hot you have to wash your skin frequently when it was cool dry do massage and apply the moister on your body.
• Using always soft towel to drying after your shower.
• Apply the raw milk on your face and dry places of the body and left for 10 min and wash with chilled cool water. Do this two times in day for best results.
• Mix the 3-4 drops of lemon juice with milk cream and apply this on your face and left 12 min before going to bath. It may helpful for reducing the dryness of skin in the winter season.
• Take one spoon of warm olive oil and some drops of glycerin and 3-4 drops of lime juice mixed well and apply on your face.
In the winter season why do people suffering from dry skin?
The temperature is low and humidity is low and strong winds happen in the winter season. These characters diminish the natural lipid layer of skin it keeps the skin drying.
• If you use hot water for bathing that destroy the skin moister that may cause to dry skin. So keep doing bath with lukewarm water this may help to soft skin. You should wash your hands with lukewarm water.
• You should apply moister to your skin after shower.
• The effective skin care is moisturizing the skin. While you are doing bathing use salt or sugar scrub and softly rub the face with sugar once in a week or twice.
• In winter season apply the coconut oil on your face. Just use wet warm cloth for massage the oil on the skin this would be work as moister for your face, this can be apply also for body.
• For perfect moisturizing every human body’s skin needs more than 30 % humidity. Generally a room contains 10% moister that’s why don’t open the doors while you are sleeping in the winter season.
Skip the Drying Soaps: All the people maximum are using soaps this may be skin drying, so use only moisturizing cleaners that contains petroleum jellies. We have another small tip for dry skin that is while you are doing avoid the bubbles these may contain Insensitive foam ingredients.
Dry Skin Tip for Softness of Hands: Some of the people’s feet and hands are dry, and itchy apply the moisturizer and wear gloves when you are going to outside in the winter season. Apply lather for your feet with thick moisturizer and wear cotton socks at the time of night.
Don’t Forget Your Lips: Generally lips have less moisture than parts of human body. Lips dry out quickly so simply apply lip balm for those it will help for getting moisture.
Save Your Face from Dryness: Don’t use tap water for cleaning and washing the face it may have harsh minerals that may cause for drying the skin. Don’t use cold creams to cleanse the face just use simply packed spring water.
Fish Oil Pills: Omega -3 fish oil pills are very useful for smoothness of dry skin it will shows the results within a six few weeks.


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