It is first and foremost desire of every girl to enjoy fair or white complexion, but unfortunately everyone could not get fair color. Those who don’t have white color, they caught in inferiority complex and remain worry every time, so now you have no need to worry about, here are some most effective homemade beauty tips to make you happy with nice and fair complexion. You do not need to spend your money for different artificial cream; in fact everything is present at your home which cost nothing as it is free for you.
Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin
1: Flour, Honey and Tea Water;
Take 1 cup tea water, 2 tea spoon flour and ½ spoon honey.
Mix these and apply on skin, leave for 20 to 30 minutes to dry it completely then wash with cold water.
2: Lemon and Oats;
You need 1 tbsp oats (cooked and mashed) and 1 table spoon lemon juice.
Mix these and apply on skin, wait for 25 minutes then wash it.
3: Herbal Mask;
Take 2 tea spoons tulsi powder, 2 tea spoons neem powder, 1 tea spoon multani mitti, few drops of lemon juice and few drops rose water.
Make a smooth mixture of all these ingredients, apply on clean face, leave till dry completely then wash with normal water.
4: Lemon and Tomato;
You need 1 small size tomato and 1 table spoon lemon juice.
Blend it into thick mixture then apply on face. After washing it will give you very neat, smooth, glowing and fair skin. You can use this tip daily for quicker results.
5: Flour, lemon and Milk;
Take 1 table spoon of flour, 2 table spoon milk and half tea spoon lemon juice.
Apply this mixture on face for 15 to 25 minutes then see the result after washing the face.
6: Turmeric and Tomato;
Take 2 pinch turmeric and 3 table spoon lemon juice.
Apply this mixture till dry then wash with cold water.It is faster way to get fair color.
7: Turmeric, Flour and Milk;
1 table spoon gram flour, pinch of turmeric and milk as required for thick mixture.
Add these 3 things together and apply on face, scrub the paste gently on face then leave to dry for 15 minutes. After washing you can see the result.
8: Yogurt and dried Orange
2 table spoons yogurt and 1 table spoon dried orange peel.
Apply on face and scrub as well as cleanse the skin then let it dry. It is very effective and fast tip. It shows result within minutes. Do it daily and enjoy fair color.

So these all tips are too much effective. These must help you to get fair colors in few days.


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