Normally, there is no change in Pakistani hair styles every year. They change but slightly and the stylists innovate different forms that are inspired by the previous trends and fashions. The style largely depends uponnatural hair type, face shape and most importantly, natural length of your hair.
Your hair style is as important as its cut, makeup, outfit and accessories. Hair style has a huge impact upon your face, personality and appearance. People first have a look at your face and hair and get impressed by it instantly. So, pay attention to minute details as well to become popular in your social group and get their complements.
Up-do styles
Pakistan women and girls usually love up-do hair styles because they look gorgeous and graceful. They have eastern infusion and decency in them. Whether you are going to attend a birthday party, a night-out with friends, wedding, or any other event, up-do will make a perfect hair style for you. Besides, Pakistan, up do hair styles are gaining immense popularity in Hollywood too. From Jessica Alba to Milla Jovovich and Keira, all celebrities have chosen this hairstyle on the red carpet.
Updo hair styles are ideal choice for women with long hair. These are easy to tie, fold and curl and can be made in various shapes, designs and forms. There are many variations that you can do with such type of hair styles. You can pin pearls into the curls, have them highlighted with a decent hair dye, swipe glitter gel over them and tie fresh or artificial flowers to them to make it more attractive, unique and beautiful.

Choose embellishments that are either of neutral shades or similar with your outfit to add more charm and interest to it.Wearing gorgeous necklace will further enhance beauty of your up-do hair style because it will grab attention.
Back combing
Back combing has always been a top choice of many women and it looks fabulous on almost any occasion. New variations in this style are created by expert stylist. Previously they would tie hair at the back but now they leave them open to hang down and straighten them with a special device designed specifically to make hair straight.

Hairstyles and Haircuts for Pakistani Girls 2013


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