Through your hands someone can judge your health and your interest in your skin. Hands are a mirror of your health and skin elasticity, moreover your age can also be calculated by your hands skin and hands are mostly used by people during their communication and it is exposed part of your body. Hands demand care because we perform our daily activities with them so it is necessary that you should pay more attention on them. Hand care is also important like facial care and for this purpose use quality moisturizer and take fresh fruits. We have some basics hand care tips for women and girls.
1. Hands skin is open and exposed so it needs more care than other parts of the body.
2. Use soft gloves during washing and hard work.
3. Use quality moisturizer after washing utensils and cooking.
4. Apply same defoliator on hands which are used for facial three to four times in a month.
5. Avoid your hands from extreme heat and sun.
6. Takes care of your hands regularly.
7. Trim your nail on regular basis.
8. After working with soup or detergents moisturize your hands.
9. Avoid your hands from weather changes.
10. Pay more attention on hand care during extreme summer and winter.


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