Wedding is a special event and it demands something special in each and every occasion similarly bridal makeup is also an issue on this day. There are a lot of trends has been developed and prevailing while they sometime meet pour culture and sometime the prevailing bridal or fashion trend is so fast and advance that it cannot cover our demands. In every part of the world fashion and bridal makeup trend is changing on a daily basis however, some basic tricks and techniques remain same.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           bridal makeup remain an issue in all times because every bride wants to something new and extra ordinary, but in Asia and specially in India and Pakistan most of the brides highlights their cheek’s bone in some cases it enhances the beauty of brides and some time this highlighting of cheeks bone change in to demerit. Always try to highlight natural beauty of brides face and do not makeup more and change into an artificial face. The most significant part of makeup is foundation or base and try to match base or foundation according to the skin complexion.
It is also an important that beautician should have to consult with the brides because some time she knows more about her skin and its sensitivity. According to the latest bridal makeup trend keep in mind that eyes are most prominent part of face and it catches more attention than other so try to give them a light make up touch because an over makeup will be a demerit. Now all over the world the bridal makeup trends has been change and beauticians and other makeup expert insist about lighting make up.

Bridal make is important because of event so try to use quality beauty makeup products, makeup remain for a long time on brides faces so if it is not up to the standard it can harm the skin and cause allergic conditions. It is also necessary to keep it minds that select makeup products according to bride skin types and season.


  1. I agree that wedding is a special event and it demands something special in each and every occasion similarly bridal makeup is also an issue on this day. This is why I think we should hire the very good bridal makeup artist available.


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