Skin loses its elasticity and tension with the passage of time and because of this wrinkles and other skin problems emerged. In this age when women reaches over thirty they take serious notice about their skin and health. There are various reasons behind this skin problems like tension, worries and hormonal imbalance with the passage of time. What causes or reason behind this, but women searches for a solution of their concerned problems. Every sensible women can assess their body structural changes and to recover this or reverse this process women visit market for beauty products. Although the beauty products manufacturers claims that they reshape and bring back your skin elasticity, but it is difficult.
However, beauty maintenance is in your own hands just pay full attention on your skin and care it on regular basis. The most important beauty tips advice is simple and easy just exfoliate or remove your face and body skin which has been dead. Exfoliation enhance beauty and allow the new skin cells to replace the old ones. The outer most skin layer, which is known as epidermis become dead after few months and replace with new one cell constantly automatically. The exfoliation or artificial skin removing, which is necessary because the dead skin cells cover the new emerging cells and under these old skin cells many bacteria develops which causes many skin problems like acne, etc. This exfoliation is the basic beauty tips and advice for women over 30 thirty.
The second most important beauty tip and advice for women is to take necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain their skin condition and flexibility. The most necessary and vital vitamins for skin are vitamin A, C, D and E. Take the natural food that contains these basic vitamins. Besides these necessary vitamins collagen is also compulsory for skin elasticity and glowing. These vitamins and collagen maintain the skin health, gave it elasticity and protect it from wrinkles. Always use beauty products if necessary then try to use that which contain collagen as an ingredient. Moist your skin with natural moisturizers like water and protect your moisture from heat and sun, women over 30 should do some basic facial exercise to avoid wrinkles and premature aging symptoms.
It also important for women over 30 that they should have to change their hair style and their makeup kit because changing can bring a new look in your beauty. Concentrate on your diet and try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Take fleshy fruits and green leaves vegetables, avoid nicotine in any form and stop alcohol consumption. Consult dermatologist or your personal doctor on regular basis. Protect your skin from direct sunlight and extreme heat use hat or an umbrella before going in to sun. Relax yourself from tension and worries because these are main factors those badly affect your skin health. Facial exercises are also important for facial skin flexibility.


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