Tip 1.

Most clichés contain a kernel of truth and one of these cliches is: less is more. Often a simple dress is more elegant than a dress that has a lot going on. Always remember that it is you who wears the dress and not the other way around. The main goal of that dress should be making you look more beautiful. You can use accessoiries to give more glamour to your party outfits.

Tip 2.

The most important fashion tip women should keep in mind when dressing for a party is: Wear a dress that is right for you, this means wear party attire that suits your body shape and don't wear clothes that are too small or too big otherwise you don't look as pretty as you should look and you don't feel comfortable.

Tip 3.

If you have any doubts about the dress code, just call the hostess (or host) of the party. She would be more than glad to help you with the desired party attire. If there is no dress code but you're not sure what kind of clothes to wear to the party you're attending just call your friends and ask them what they are wearing. With this fashion tip you will always appear in the right attire.

Tip 4.

Fashion tip number four is about an important part of your party outfits: the accessoiries. Make sure your accessoiries match your party outfit and the occasion. When you go to an informal party in for example a club your accessories can be more loud but at a formal occasion big and fake looking accessoiries are not done. If you're wearing big earrings do not also wear a necklace since this would become too much. When you're wearing a formal dress keep your watch at home. 

Tip 5.

If you're wearing stockings make sure the stockings are not darker than the color of your dress and shoes, So only wear black stockings with dark colors and otherwise wear stockings in the color of your skin. The less denier the more attractive and classy the stockings look. Don't wear stockings with a print for more formal occasions. If you wear open shoes do not wear stockings with a reinforced toe. Always take extra stockings with you in case you get a run or a hole in them.

Tip 6.

Another short but important fashion tip we have for you is: wear party attire in a color that suits your skin tone.
For more information on how to dress for a party for your skin tone click here.

Tip 7.

The next fashion tip is one every woman should keep in mind: Always wear the right lingerie under your party outfits, It must give the right support without being visible through your clothes. go for a nude or brown color that is one shade darker than your skin color and avoid fabrics with lace or too much detailing. Go for seamless cuts and do not wear underwear that is too tight or to loose. Eliminate panty lines by wearing a thong or shorts. If your figure could use more support consider reshaping underwear, it might look unattractive without your clothes, but they can be very flattering under a dress (beware: don't do this if you're having a date or planning on hooking up).

Tip 8.

High heels are by far the most flattering shoes to wear with you party outfit, so if you can walk on them, wear them. For a formal occasion go for simple pumps or sandals with a thin heel and a low sole, if you're wearing a formal gown open sandals are the most beautiful shoes you can wear. They should match with the color of your attire. There are a lot of different kinds of cute and hot pumps you can wear for informal parties, just wear what makes you feel hot. If you get painful feet after a night partying on high heels, take a bag with flat shoes in it and leave it at the cloakroom, when your feet start hurting too much you can change you pumps for the flat shoes in your bag.

Tip 9.

It's always important, next to your party outfit, to take care of your physical appearance. this means shave your legs and armpits, keep up your eyebrows and nails and use deodorant. Put some effort in your hair, for formal occasions it's advisable to go to the hair salon for a festive hairdo. put on some make up. Go for a natural look during the day and for heavier make up in the evening. when you're going to dance use waterproof make up so that it won't sweat off in this case eyeliner and mascara with some bright colored lipstick often stays more beautiful on your face than eye shadow.

Tip 10.

And now our favorite last but not least fashion tip: Wear your dress with pride! Stand straight up and enjoy your evening. the most beautiful women are confident women and a smile is your most beautiful accessory!


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