Are all your medicines have failed in removing your acne from the face? Have you ever tried out making the use of the natural homemade cures ones? Acne has been surely one of the biggest headaches for the women. As the women travel into the time period of the teenage then they are just afraid of getting pimples, acne and most importantly red scars. These three things completely disconnect them from the people and they just get limited with their life in one room. There are many products inside the market that give away 100% guarantee for removing the acne. But sometimes the fraud might appear and it damages the skin even more badly. In such situations it would be the best option for the women to give all their trust and attention in trying the homemade remedies. In this article we are going to discuss out two best homemade remedies that have always appear as giving positive results for the acne.
Best Homemade Facial Masks For Acne
Firstly we have the facial of strawberry and honey. For making this mask paste the women must have the following main ingredients:
  • Six Strawberries
  • One small spoon of Honey
  • On small spoon of Lemon Juice
  • One small spoon of Brown Sugar
Just take a small bowl and add all the ingredients in it. Now apply the paste over the skin for maximum 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you will see that the skin has been appear to be much glowing and you will surely going to feel relaxed and calm.
On the second height we have the egg white and lemon juice mask for the acne removal. The main items that have been involved within their preparation are:
  • One Egg White
  • One Lemon Juice
Just like the first method you have to mix all the ingredients in small bowl and apply it over the face for few minutes. Don’t remove the paste until it doesn’t get dry out completely. As it gets dry take some fresh water and soft cloth and wash the face.
Hence these two methods are always marked as the best ones for the acne removal. In both of these methods lemon juice will be found because they are must filled with the vitamins and power to destroy the monster of the acne. We hope that all those women that are still in the trap of the acne they will going to apply all these two methods.


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