Some of our body fat areas not easily metabolize than others. The only way to escape from this problem for burning extra calories is to do exercise along with the balance diet. Over the age of 40 fat cell multiplies and the process of metabolism slower down. There are several weight loss tips for women over 40.  These are drinking more water, Exercise to Boost Your Metabolism, Lose the Excuses, Avoid complex carbs and refined sugar, Stop Blaming the Hormones and within two hours of dinner do not eat, Include 2 Brazil Nuts a Day, Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. In daily life protein foods like fish, egg and meat increases.
Intakes of multivitamins are also very important for weight loss. Take cod liver oil and climb stairs instead of lift. Eat green leafy vegetables. During workout sessions keep themselves active. Habitually use the stipulation equipment like dump bells. Replace the action of viewing television with walking. ever ready to join the sports teams thats gives you healthy life. Choose that type of aerobics in which whole body works not only legs. Circumvent bad diet habits like drinking coffee and proliferation the use of green tea more due to its antioxidant properties. Always park your car and other vehicle far from your main point of work and reach to your destination with the mean of walk that’s simple and healthy for you.
These are simple but healthy Weight loss exercises for women at home. Go for outing because sun and air both are important for healthy life. Develop good habits of eating that promote your health and helps in losing your weight. Relax occasionally and enjoy the fitness. eat vegetable soup must on weekend and healthy foods like salads. Chilly must use because his scorching feeling increases the speed of your metabolic rate. In between the spacing of two hours, eat six meals a day. To create the illusion of eating a lot, use always small bowl or a plate. Use red meat instead of chicken. Fat loss exercises and their progress must effected by the use of alcohol and late nights. Avoid junk food. Before every meal, drink a glass of water. Food that you eat daily, must keep its record. In one whole week, measure your calories that you eat.  Read stories about sports champions that increase your inspiration level. Don’t waste your money on weight losing pills and do these simple exercises.


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