Usually we think of his face just after the very first wrinkles. It was then and there in our minds a difficult question how to keep young skin? In this article, we have collected the most useful and time-tested Daily Skin Care Tips. To achieve the best effect you need to follow them.

How to Daily Care Your Skin?

1. Drink plenty of clean water. Train yourself to always and everywhere to carry clean (preferably melted) water. Ideally, you should drink each day for at least two liters. But before going to bed drink a lot of water is not desirable that the morning would not have to go with edema.
2. Forget about the usual washing soap. It not only dries the skin, but it draws from all the moisture. At first it’s in silence, but after a few years will result itself, but it will be too late. Better wash liquid soap, foam or gel (depending on skin type).
3. Do not wipe the face with tough bath towel, it is better to use special wipes and not rub.
4. Several times a week instead of the usual washing do facials ice. This is a very good tonic, invigorating and refreshing. You can freeze any decoctions of herbs with essential oils.
5. Daily Skin Care Tips are very important. Wash your skin every morning and every evening, tonic and apply the cream.
6. Quit smoking! women who smoke often have experienced wrinkles to appear much earlier. Nicotine breaks down collagen and elastin, so the skin becomes less elastic and looser, deteriorating its color, and it lacks oxygen.
7. Eat more fruit. It is desirable to use every day for at least five of their species. They will not be able to replace any vitamins. Choose more fruits with bright colors – it mostly has antioxidants.
8. Lack of sleep affects the appearance. So have a good sleep – at least seven to eight hours. Try to sleep at night because that between, from three and five o’clock in the night, body is completely restored. Those people who don’t sleep in the night, as the year passes, have enlarged pores, circles under the eyes, gray skin tone and spider veins. And it is an irreversible process.
9. One of the Daily Skin Care Tips is, that you must be nurtured from effective masks. You can either purchase it or made it yourself – it’s up to you. But it’s best to use those and others.

10. Remove all the sweet things from your diet along with salty and spicy stuff as well. Give up fast food, canned foods, foods containing yeast, and carbonated water.
11. Do not sit on a strict diet, which lead to very rapid weight loss. Strict weight loss plans are considered to be a lot of stress for the entire body. However, the power of the skin is broken; it loses its elasticity and tone.
12. Beauticians say that women who exercise a lot have more collagen, which protects against early appearance of wrinkles. Engage in fitness, sign up for a dance, or just do the morning exercises.
14. Once a week, always perform a deep cleaning of the skin. After cleaning, apply a nourishing cream.
15. Preserve youthfulness of skin and help a good protection against sunlight. Ultraviolet rays make the skin old and dried. So just need to use a remedy for sunburn. It can be applied both individually and as a foundation.


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