The use of natural home remedies for skin whitening is growing in popularity given the concerns about the side effects of some of the synthetic products that are on the market today. There is a widespread belief that the use of synthetic materials exposes the subject to unacceptable risks which are associated with the industry. Therefore it is far better for individuals to look for natural remedies in order to deal with their need to lighten up skins. Of course the natural remedies are considerably cheaper than the synthetic products that are on the market at the moment.

There is also an added advantage in as much as many of these natural alternatives have other health benefits that can improve the quality of life for the patient. For example taking fruit is a prime example of what can be achieved in the right circumstances. On one hand the patient will have the lighter skin that they have desired all along. On the other hand they will be able to enjoy the health benefits of a balanced diet. It is a winning formula on all the different fronts which are used to asses it. Therefore the adage that natural products are best holds in all these circumstances.

Almond Oil

Many soaps and creams contain almond oil for a reason. It has the ability to richly feed the skin. You will end up with a luxurious sheen even if it is not as bright as you might have desired. The most important thing is to have beautiful skin. The lightening elements are a means to an end. The use of almond oil is able to achieve these objectives. Moreover it has very aromatic qualities that can have therapeutic effects for people who are suffering from dermatitis and other skin conditions. It is almost always topically used for purposes of improving the skin.

Aloe Vera

The peripatetic use of Aloe Vera for different ailments might lead some to question the veracity of its healing qualities. However the reality is that the inclusion of Aloe Vera in the bath routines of the patients can help them to have brighter skin. The great thing is that the skin will be looking healthy as well. The pallor that is associated with too many synthetic products is avoided. There is also no mercury content within natural Aloe Vera so that the patient is assured of a safe way to improve their skin. The lightening qualities will not be as significant as some of the powerful creams.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has had many uses beyond the kitchen. One of them is cleaning the skin. Other people are of the view that it actually bleaches the melanin but not to the extent that razor treatments or creams would. It is also a caustic substance. Therefore the users have to be sure that they are happy to proceed before settling on this type of treatment.  It should really be only applied as a topical treatment. You will not get sufficient quantities from bread or other baked foods. Therefore it is better to get a solution of baking soda and then apply it to the area.


Those ugly blemishes can be reduced by the careful use of cucumber. This is a fruit that is always included in some shower gels. The reason is that it tends to give the skin a succulent sheen. It binds the collagen and ensures that the skin is firm as well as being supple. One of the complaints about synthetic creams is that they tend to weaken the collagen content of the skin. With the use of cucumber you will be supporting the skin. It is also a wonderful product to use if you live in a hot and tropical climate.

Egg White

This has been a staple in wraps and nightly treatments for ladies. It is said that the egg white contains many of the nutrients that are required to keep skin healthy. In fact it has almost all the major food components. That means that you will be nourishing your skin. In the first few weeks you will notice that the skin becomes brighter. After some time you should stop the treatment because it can acquire an unpleasant look. Some people also find the smell of raw eggs appalling. There is no gain without pain and therefore you should be prepared to walk the walk.

Gram Flour

Gram flour is one of the more unusual natural remedies that are recommended for people that wish to whiten their skin. It requires the patient to rub a paste of the flour on the skin and to let it rest for some time. The first visible result of this treatment is that the moisture that is inherent within the skin texture is kept locked in. If you are working in very dry conditions, this can help you to retain some of your natural skin moisture. It also contains some food nutrients that might be important for keeping your skin very healthy indeed.


Although lemon is associated with acidity, it can have the effect of cleaning out impurities that may be causing your skin to have blemishes. It is relatively easy to get to the bottom of the issues that are affecting the skin if you use a cleanser. The lemon can be squeezed into a concentrate which is used like a balm for the skin. It can also prevent the development of scars if you have suffered a minor injury. The antioxidants within lemon are also very good for complexion and supplements. Therefore this is something that you should try.


The story of licorice as a skin lightening agent is somewhat controversial. Some people are convinced that it changes their complexion for the better while others believe that its effects are minimal at best. There are some creams that contain licorice as an attempt to harness some of its reputed powers. However the scientific research on it is not yet conclusive enough to offer guarantees. The patients that have used it claim that they notice a better skin within a matter of weeks. They also feel that the skin does not eventually deteriorate as is the case with synthetic creams.


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