Beauty is a God gifted thing, but if you maintain or increase your beauty it requires more attention and hard work to do so. Beauty maintenance or care need money as well as time and if you have one or even both then it is difficult to compete however, if you can follow the following simple tips, they will maintain and increase your beauty.
1. Anger is a process of catabolism it means an angry person destroy its internal body strength and structure, so definitely it will be indicated by your face. Because of this it necessary that you have to avoid anger and try to take it easy, in this way you will remain young and your skin will be free from wrinkles and elder signs.
2. Face skin is sensitive and exposed, when you go into sun you have to protect your skin from direct sunlight because sunlight consist of ultra violet radiation and it can damage your skin. Whenever you go outside use a quality sun blocker cream for UV light protection.
3. Take healthy and balance diet and always use fresh and natural fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables are main source of vitamins. Fresh fruits juices gives a healthy glow to your skin.
4. To maintain your skin texture you have to drink more water or according to your physician advice.
5. Ex-foliate or remove dead skin from your face it will give your skin an even tone and flexibility, repeat this process after a month or little earlier.
6. Moisturizing is necessary for healthy skin and it is recommended that you have to use a quality moisturizer for this.
7. Adopt healthy habits for healthy and beautiful skin just like plan for exercise, avoid from smoking and alcohol consumption and go early to bed and early to rise.


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