Oily skin problem was my own skin problem and in this post I will tell you my own secrets that how I make my skin oil free and maintain its shine and softness. Firstly you need to find out that you have oily skin or not, exactly how to confirm that you have oily skin, when you get up at the early morning clean up your pores and skin along with tissue as well as take a look at that your forehead, nose area and chin is oily after that, if you found your skin is oily, then you`re at right place because we tell you some trick and also give you tips to get oil free skin.
1: Almond, Lemon & Honey:
I hope you know about Almond oil, so here I will tell you the real power of this natural oil. You need to take some drops of Almond oil and also take some drops of lemon juice and mix them both into half spoon honey and apply on your face just for ten to fifteen minutes.
10 Best Homemade Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

When this mask feels dry then you can wash it from normal water, (Normal mean not cold or hot). This beauty tips only for those who are facing the problem of oily skin and its results are seen in days.
2: Papaya & Lemon:
Take a fresh papaya and also take a half lemon then mix both properly, now apply on your face and massage slightly ( Don`t try to rub hard) when you feel massage is complete then need to leave it for twenty minutes or if you have short time then just wait fifteen minutes and then wash with cold water. Papaya and lemon`s massage controls the oil from skin pores very well.
3: Apple & Honey:
Take a peel off a fresh apple and make some slices of it (Make the slices very thin) then add two table spoons of natural honey and blend it. When it become in a shape of paste, applies on your whole face then leave it and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. After waiting wash it from lukewarm water. It will control tighten pores, glow as well as moisturizer the skin in a natural way.
4: Aloe Vera:
aloe vera extract will be very helpful for any skin kinds. It will help to get a shine as well as getting hold of a perfect skin tone. Furthermore, it will help in taking in the oil from your pores and skin, so its possible to use it daily just for fifteen minutes.
Best Homemade Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Some short and time saving tricks to get oil free skin.

5: Leave the usage of soap and buy the liquid face wash of Neutrogena and wash your face minimum three times which this. Neutrogena face wash is made for those who are oily skin.
6: Wash your face with cold water, because it give your skin look and fresh and oil free. Wash your face as maximum as possible.
7: Eat vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits are very essential for you and your skin. Because, vegetables and fresh fruits are helping to keep your skin fresh as well as maintain your natural beauty.
8: Drink water as much as you can. Water controls extra oil from inside of you body. So you are get complete gripe on oily skin from inside or outside.
9: If you are not washing your face in your office or college time then you need to buy wet tissues and make your skin fresh every time.
10: use oil control sunblock while you need to go in sun or outside. It`s really helps to decrease oil on your face.


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