Time is running short and you’re getting ready for your cousin’s party; your dress looks nice, your shoes are shining and your accessories are fantastic. When you apply makeup then you notice a bunch of big, red pimples developing in the middle of your forehead. They’re right there, shining and looking very odd, but sadly there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve just been attacked by your deadliest beauty enemy – Acne!
Many of acne sufferers can relate to this, while teenagers are acne victims have a worried countenance just now. Acne isn’t a skin condition that you can’t get rid of. But you can live an acne-free life, without having to chase beauticians; you have to change a little bit your daily habits.
If you have been an acute acne sufferer since the age of twelve, acne does not only spoils your complexion, but also affects you emotionally, you begin to hesitate socializing,  you begin looking in the mirror more often, you’re constantly upset because you’re conscious of pimplesdeveloping on your face and you’re desperately applying different creams and lotions. This stimulates negativity in your personality damaging your outlook towards life, at times.
AcneTeenagers are more prone to these warning signs as looks matter a lot to them. Here are a few tips that can help you lighten your acne problem. Your moms and aunties might have mentioned them earlier, but a refresher would certainly be handy.
* Take at least ten glass of water
You are often reminded to drink at least ten glasses of water everyday. It is because water moisturizes your skin, keeping it supple and healthy. Your skin cells need a lot of water to stay firm and erect because they are constantly losing water due to sweating. Drinking more water will also help your kidneys filter toxins, giving your body an overall cooling effect. Insufficient water intake will not allow these toxic molecules to leave your body, leading to health issues and acne aggravation.
* Take green tea                                                                                                        green tea taste good, it’s quite beneficial for your health especially skin. This is because green tea is not fermented; instead it’s steamed after being plucked which retains the active substances in its leaves, making it rich in anti-oxidants. Besides that, green tea has an antibacterial effect which decreases your hormonal activity and increases metabolism giving you an overall relaxing effect. So take some green tea and enjoy a healthy cup of green tea!
* Keep checking your diet
Checking your diet doesn’t mean totally giving up on those French fires and colas. It means keeping a check on your junk food. Eat vegetables and fruits daily. Don’t turn your face from vegetables and fruits which are your allies in your fight against acne. It’s good to include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and at least a bowl of fruits in your diet as they are rich in anti-oxidants which help in preventing acne. Anti-oxidants keep your skin elastic and growing. They prevent wrinkles and neutralize free molecules in your body and create trouble in your skin.
High level stress is harmful
Are your exams driving you crazy? Or the big presentation at work making you stay up all night stressed? Well, a certain level of stress is good for you, because it makes you work harder and shows you’re concerned about what you do, but a high level of stress isn’t good for your skin. Stress causes your adrenal glands to release a hormone in the blood which makes the sweet glands in your skin produce more oil than needed. Your skin pores become resistive with dead skin cells and bacteria creating favorable conditions for a big, red pimple to develop. Therefore, it is vital to manage your stress level in order to defeat acne.
Pricking pimple is hazardous
You don’t like the pimple on your cheek, but pricking it will do you no good. Instead pricking, rubbing and squeezing the pimple will cause pain and it may even bleed. There is also a good chance that the pimple will leave behind a clumsy scar because you haven’t allowed the pus to dry out itself. It is advisable to leave the pimple as it is and if possible forget about it totally. This will give zits sufficient times to dry out. These are some handy tips that can help you cope with acne; however, acne is a skin condition that is caused by many external and internal factors. Teenage acne is mainly caused due to the hormonal changes in the body, while adult acne can be due to excessive use of make-up, hereditary factor eating habits or environmental factors.
These natural tips can help improve your overall health as well, the fruits of which you can reap in old age. So try them and get a glowing radiant skin, with out any side-effects. In case your acne remains on your cheeks,   it is necessary to visit a skin specialist.


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