I’m sure I’m not the only girl who has experienced the awkward moment that occurs when “short” jeans are still too long. I hate when sundresses go past my knees, or when a cute top is too long to be a shirt, but too short to be a dress. If you’ve experienced any of these fashion disasters, then I’m here to help! Take a look at the style tips below, and discover the best ways to flatter a petite frame.

Embrace the high waists:
 A higher waistline can create the illusion of longer legs. To define your waistline, try tucking a cute top into a skirt or pair of high-waisted shorts or pants.

Go monochromatic: 
Wearing a singular color throughout an outfit can add length to the body. The fashionista in the above photo used a high waistline in her monochromatic outfit, and it looks great! She also added a thin belt, which are more flattering for short girls as they are more proportionate to the body. 

Wear deep necklines: 
V- or U-neck tops are more flattering on shorter figures than tops with high necklines. Add a necklace to draw attention to the neckline and further elongate your figure. 

Wear nude heels: It’s obvious that wearing a pair of heels will easily add height to a shorter frame. However, the color of the heels can make a difference. Skin-colored heels often blend in with your natural coloring and can make legs appear to be longer. The celebrities in the above photos do a great job of combining shorter dresses with nude heels to add length to their legs. 

Avoid oversize handbags: 
Big bags and totes can overwhelm small frames, making them appear to be even shorter. Stick to a small purse or clutch to carry your everyday necessities. 

Alter too-big clothes: 
Never be afraid to pay a visit to your local tailor to make small changes to ill-fitting clothes. Wearing clothes that fit correctly can make a huge difference in your appearance! Shortening sleeves, adjusting straps, and hemming dresses or pants are all examples of common wardrobe adjustments. 

Avoid wide-legged pants: 
When shopping for jeans or pants, lean towards fitted boot-cut or slightly flared styles. Avoid wide-legged or voluminous pants, which can easily be overwhelming. Keep in mind to avoid cropped pants, as these can make legs appear to be shorter.

Wear pointed flats:
 If you just aren’t in the mood to wear heels, slip on a pair of pointed flats instead. The pointed toe has an elongating effect, as opposed to the rounded toe of a typical ballet flat. 

Rock a ponytail:
 This hairstyle draws your hair away from your face and emphasizes the length of your neck. Coupled with a V-neck top, this style can also elongate your body. 

Have confidence! No matter how tall you are, you’ll seem smaller without this key accessory. I’m a firm believer in the idea that you only look great if you feel great, too. Always have confidence, no matter what you’re wearing. 


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