A saree will only be complete when worn with accessories.
The saree blouse, petticoat, jewelry, shoes and the clutch purse/handbag are the popular accessories worn with a saree.
Accessories should always match the saree but choosing the right accessories is not always easy if one does not know how to go about doing it.
                                                                                                               Here are a few tips to help such people.
                                                                                                          The first thing to remember is the type of saree you are wearing.
                                                                                                        A sari worn for everyday wear will be different from wedding sarees and sarees worn for special functions. The accessories worn will be different too.                                                    Saree blouse
                                                                                                    The fabric of the saree blouse should be of the same kind as the sari.
Cotton and handloom sarees are the most popular saris worn for regular wear.
The saree blouse is often sewn in a plain and simple pattern.Complicated designs are not chosen as it can make the wearer uncomfortable since the blouse will be worn through out most of the day.
The short sleeve sari blouse and the sleeveless sari blouse are the most common blouses worn with every day sarees.
Saree blouses designed with motifs, sequins, etc are worn with wedding sarees and sarees worn on special outings.
You can find out more about such saree blouses in my hub some facts about saree blouses.
The petticoat is the long skirt worn under the sari which holds the saree and keeps it in place.
A drawstring or an elastic band is sewn inside the seam of the waistline of the petticoat to secure it to the wearer’s waist.
The petticoat must match the color of the saree and be similar to the fabric.
Some women wear double petticoats with sarees that are transparent.
Petticoats made of cotton, silk, lace and nylon fabrics are the popular types worn with sarees.                                                                                             Cotton petticoats are the common types worn with the cotton and handloom sarees.

Jewelry is always worn with a saree.
Women will don themselves with a gold or silver necklace including matching bangles, a pair of earrings, rings, and even anklets.
Women who are too poor to own gold or silver will wear bangles, necklaces, anklets, etc to match the color of their saree made from other materials eg plastic, non-silver and non-gold metals.
Some brides choose to wear Kundan jewelry with their wedding saree.
This high quality 24 carat gold jewelry is encrusted with gems such as diamonds, emeralds or rubies.
Kundan jewelry has to be cared for and stored in a certain way.
Tips on how to clean and store Kundan Jewelry
Never use soap and water to clean Kundan jewelry. Instead use a clean suede cloth to wipe the pieces.
When putting the jewelry away for later use place each piece in cotton and seal in a plastic bag.
The thaali is an important piece of jewelry worn by brides who don the Indian wedding sari.
The thaali symbolizes marriage and is gifted to the bride by the groom and his family on the wedding day.
Brides who choose the Kandyan wedding sari will wear as much as 7 necklaces including the head piece made of a heavy gold (called the Nalalpatha), numerous gold bangles, earrings, anklets, etc.
For special functions women usually wear gold or silver jewelry such as a :
                                                                                                    choker necklace
dangling earrings
Types of shoes to wear with saree
The preferred shoes to wear with a sari are the open toe heels or chappals.
The color of the shoes should match the saree.
The height of the heel of the shoe is of great importance when wearing a sari.
If the heel is too high this can make the sari look short.
If the heel is too low the sari can drag on the ground as you walk resulting in you tripping and falling.
                                                                                                        Clutch purse/handbag
The color of your clutch purse or handbag should match your saree.
The clutch purse is preferred for sarees worn to parties, special functions etc.
The handbag is favored for the sari worn as casual/regular wear.


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