Losing weight is a very tough job, if you want to reduce many pound. The followings are few tips through these you can reduce your weight, but you should follow the instructions given below. Desire result need a proper planing and keen interest.weight is a cosmopolitan problem and it affects both sexes. The females are more affected by this overweight problem, there are many reasons behind this weight particularly in women it is because of menopause or in age when hormonal changes occur. The imbalance of these hormones also trigger the weight increasing process. In females the other cause of weight gain is that usually the females are not active than the males. Although it is a serious issue world over, but it can be controlled with the help and guideline of a professional. Our diet is also a factor in weight gaining because more and high cholesterol foods, fried foods and junk food increases weight. High fat food contains more calories than required and the extra calories deposits under the skin and increases weight that later cause huge damage and diseases.
Weight loss tips
* Drink about 10 glass of water.
* Should break up your meal in to about six parts.
* Use more fruits and vegetable.
* Reduce fat intake.
* Should exercise for thirty minutes.
* Avoid eating in late night.
* Increase fiber intake.
* Clean your body.
* Reduce salt intake.
* Add protein in your diet.
* Check your weight regularly.
* Take low calorie and high nutrient diets.
* Avoid alcohol.
* Control your diet.


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