Having oily skin is a big responsibility . It takes a lot of care after oily skin to ensure that you do not end up with constant relapses or look brilliant. The positive side of having oily skin is that during the winter months when everyone suffers from dry skin , the skin is fabulous !
It is very easy to have fabulous skin year round , even with oily skin. All you have to do is follow the 5 , not super-easy below and you'll notice a definite change in your skin. Most people with oily skin feel they must stay away from all oil -based products . This is actually not true. This is a new kind of oil -based products out there today that can actually help to keep your skin beautiful without the addition of oil to it too . Yes, believe it or not oil is your friend.
Step 1:
 Clean up with a botanical -based oil. Dermatologists recently found that botanical oils actually adhere to the depth of sebum within your skin and wash together when cleaning with water . Thus , vegetable oils actually help you eliminate excess oil in your skin. A great cleanser with botanical oils is Bobby Brown Cleansing Oil . It can be used with or without water . It feels good on the skin , remove the makeup off without scrubbing and leaves the skin soft and glowing .
Step 2:
 Look for products that help to absorb excess oil . Carita Ideal Controle Powder Lotion is the perfect toner to help prep your skin for your lotions and potions. It helps to absorb excess sebum and leaves your skin with a perfect matte finish . If you tend to get a really shiny skin, start your beauty regimen with a mattifying lotion. Dr. Brandt BB cream mat help treat moisture , blemishes and creates a matte finish. It gives you a medium coverage , as well as containing vitamin C to help prevent wrinkles .
Step 3 :
 with an exfoliating scrub based retinal . This helps prevent breakouts . It is best to do once or twice a week to make sure you find your skin and cleanse the pores , but not dry out your skin . The perfect exfoliating retinol varies from person to person . It is best if you first try on the back of your hand to see if you have an adverse reaction to it .
Step 4:
 Moisturize your skin. Many believe that the addition of moisture to your skin , you are also adding excess oil . This is simply not true . Too dry skin can also tend to be fat because your skin starts to overcompensate for the lack of moisture. Keeping balanced moisture will help your skin feel better regulate sebum production . Dermalogica Drain oil moisturizer matt compensation helps to balance the natural moisture levels of your skin, and keep a matte complexion.
Step 5:
 Drink water . Most of us underestimate the value of water for beautiful skin . If you have oily skin , hydration helps keep your skin balanced ! Remember whenever your skin is void of any such moisture , it begins to overcompensate by producing more sebum , which creates excess oil . To prevent this process from happening , drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. 


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