Our routine is always changed with the changing of season and it also affects our daily life. It is meaning less in which part of the world we live because skin is affected with the changing season, so we should prepare to take care of our skin.
Normally in the winter season the complexion becomes dull ad skin becomes dry. In winter season the glands of the skin are less active so dryness appears in the skin and also red patch are formed. Skin becomes stretched and scaly. Sitting near the room heater harms the skin. Dry and cool air decreases the moisture of the skin.
Winter Skin Care Tip
So to keep the skin soft- some points are to be noticed and applied on the skin:-
·Massage your skin with the body oil before taking bath. Skin will be smooth.
·Don’t take bath with very hot water because very hot water will make your skin dry, so use Luke warm water.
·Some soap makes skin dry so apply moisturizing soap and mild cleanser. Use home cleanser like cream of milk with a little turmeric powder.
·Apply body lotion or cold cream after bathe
·The natural moisturizer of the skin is ended or decreased soon due to the cool breeze. So keeping remains the moisturizer, use good quality moisturizer. Use it twice daily during morning and evening after cleansing and toning.
·If skin is very dry, use moisturizing cold cream. Regular use of cold cream keeps the oil balance of the skin. Apply the cream on the face, neck and on hands very well. Do massage that relaxes the facial muscles. Don’t stretch the skin too much.
·Apply oil free moisturizer and balanced oil cream on the oily skin. The skin won’t be sticky.
·You must sit under the sunlight in winter season but don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion for skin protection.
·Cracks in lips are the main problem in the winter season because the lips don’t contain oil glands so they can be cracked easily. To keep avoiding cracks apply cold cream, Vaseline or lip balm on lips. Don’t use lip color otherwise lips are more chopped.  Use only creamy lip color that contains vitamin ‘E’ and moisturizer. These keep the lips soft.
·Use moisturizing cream in the night. Whatever night cream you use it should have vitamin A, C, zinc oxide and chemical base. It maintains the natural glow of the lips and also mends or repairs the skin tissues.
·Very fine lines appear on the skin of eyes. So apply eye counter jells regularly. Massage gently with the finger tips around the eyes.
·To save the toes from the corn, apply foot cream and to save the hands from dryness, apply hand cream in the hands.      
Winter Skin Care Tip
·Take the facial treatment, pedicure and manicure once in a month.
·Whenever you go for outing use the scarf or cap to protect the head and use gloves for hands. Use sunglasses for the eyes.
·Exfoliate twice in a week that removes the dead cells and absorb extra moisture.
·The oil and moisture present in the glands of the skin disappear due to the cool temperature and heat, the skin becomes the victim of fine lines and premature aging. To avoid it use almond, honey or apricot face mask over the skin once in a week.
·Use the make up base that protect the skin in the season. Use moisturizer base foundation. If the skin tone is uneven and dark circles are present, try concealer stick before using the foundation.
·Daily drink 1 glass lemon water empty stomach early in the morning that helps to remove the toxic elements from the body. These elements infect the skin and the blood.
So use these tips to find silky and satin soft touch skin. 


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