The dark under eye circles may be the theft of your beauty. There are various factors which contribute for the development of the dark circles. Once you know the reasons there are more chances to escape from them. If you are already affected with the dark circles then it is must to pick your reason of dark circles inorder to kick off them out.
Reasons for dark circles
If your skin pertains to sensitive then there are numerous chances for your eyes to get dark circles with the use of make-up. The eye make-up you are wearing must be removed after the completion of your event or in the night before going to sleep because the skin under the eye is very sensitive and is more prone to dark circles and allergies if any kind of precautions are not followed. So, always choose hypo-allergic cosmetic products which does not harm to your skin.
Certain diseases like anemia and problem with the kidneys also causes dark circles under your eyes. If you are one with such problems then immediately consult your doctor to treat your disease at the same time the dark circles.
Wrong lifestyle
Maintaining healthy lifestyle is important to secure your health from many disorders. Excess smoking and drinking may also leads to dark rings around your eyes. Even waking up long hours in the nights and frequent late night sleep is nothing but giving a simple way to develop dark circles. With such conditions blood vessel dilation will be caused and the sensitive skin under the eyes is more prone to swelling and dark patches.
Dehydration, the lack of sufficient amount of water in the body is another reason for the cause of dark circles.  When there is no required fluid amount in the body our blood circulation won’t be in a perfect manner. This reason affects the under eye blood vessels and causes dark eye circles. So nevertheless of the season drink adequate amount of liquids and stay hydrated.
Improper sleep and fatigue
Lack of proper night sleep is another big contributor for under eye dark circles. You may also develop them if you are taking excessive then the required, also sleeping with the base of your stomach is linked to stress on the facial skin and eyes that could generate eye dark rings.  Excess work pressure tends to provide physical and mental stress which it simultaneously promotes for the growth of dark circles.
Whenever you move out wear sunscreen with SPF of 15 or more than that to protect your skin from and under eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays. Sunrays triggers the formation of melanin in our skin, this pigment is excess among the people who are having dark skin complexion. It ultimately leads to dark circles under the eyes which is a tender skin area compared to all other skin areas.


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