Women notice your appearance and will evaluate you. Don’t underestimate the importance of grooming yourself and the power of having an attractive style. Develop these fashion tips into a unique style that can become you.  If you’re limited on funds, start with adding the right shoes to your wardrobe, followed by a nice jacket, shirts and then pants. Women spend a lot of money on their shoes and notice them on others, they will be one of the first things she notices about your appearance.


It is always important to maintain a daily bodily hygiene. In terms of cleaning, you should shower at least once a day. This is a given. Always make sure you are washing every area. A hard days of work and sweat won’t be washed away with only water. Get yourself soap or shower gels.  You should always shampoo your hair at least once every two to three days to allow your hair’s natural oil and shine come through.  Of course, if your hair is naturally oily, it is better to shampoo every day.  You’ll find the balance, clean but not too clean, if you know what I mean. Note: a small amount of oil in your hair is actually healthy for your hair.
In terms of teeth and gums, always brush your teeth twice a day. If you are only able to brush your teeth once a day, it is better to brush your teeth just before bed rather than just after waking up. Although flossing often gets overlooked, it is extremely important to floss your teeth at least once a day. Not only does it remove plaque and gunk between your teeth, keeps your breath fresher, and recent studies suggest it is positively linked to stronger immune functioning.
In terms of hair, it has been widely suggested that the only place it really belongs is on your head. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. You don’t have to shave your legs. You are not a women and shaving your legs will more likely make you appear more feminine than masculine. The two most important places to keep the hair away is the back and neck. These are two places that should be taken care of and always groomed. Nothing is more of a turn off for a woman than a thick mane of hair on a man’s neck. As for chest hair, there is no need to shave or wax unless you have a thick mop sprouting from your pecs and stomach.  There is nothing wrong with a little facial hair. In fact, studies have actually shown that facial hair on a man is often perceived as an indicator of high testosterone levels. For pubic hair, it is fine to have hair but trim up.  This isn’t the 70′s, and I promise your woman will appreciate your attention to detail. Your finger nails and toe nails should always be kept short and free of gunk underneath of them.
Your clothes should always be clean and washed. Occasionally you can get away with wearing jeans and jackets for a few days before they need a washing. the tighter the fit of shirt, the quicker they will collect sweat and body odor, so when it comes to t-shirts, you might want to wash them more frequently.

Clothes and Style

You style should not be determined by current fashion streaks or trends. It is not based on job type or income. It is more determined by your personality. How you live your life and carry yourself is how want to dress yourself. If you’re conservative, organized and pragmatic then let your clothes convey that. If you are alternative, free spirited, and creative, let that come out in your clothing as well. You want your style to represent every side of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with combining styles to create your own. Balance rugged with indulgent, classy with artistic, etc. Also, it is always important to accentuate your strengths and hide your weakness’. If you tend you be overweight, darker colors will make you appear thinner. If you overly skinny, lighter colors will make you appear thicker. If you are on the shorter side, buy shoes that make you seem taller such as Doc Martens or elevator shoes. If your ears jet straight out, longer hair looks better than shorter hair.


Unless you are going to work, a formal party, or an upscale martini bar, avoid wearing dress pants or Khaki pants. They are formal, common and leave little room for individual style. Your better off wearing a nice pair of jeans. When picking out remember fit is more important than brand or cost. If jeans fit contour to your body well, than get them.
In terms of fitting jeans, always make sure the waist in thin enough to sit on hips but wide enough so they are not pinching your stomach. Also in terms of the fit, you generally want a higher crotch than a baggier, lower one. This makes the article of clothing appear more tailored and custom fit. In general, when buying jeans or clothing in general always think “tailor fit.” You want snug where it’s neither too loose or too tight. In terms of the wash, darker is still in, but the lighter washes are starting to make a comeback. Whatever wash color you decide, stay away from torn jeans. They came into style during the grunge explosion and have managed to stick around until..well…about a year ago. So stay away from pre-torn jeans. In terms of length, you want your jeans ¾ of an inch higher than your shoes. If you must choose between too long or too short, always buy jeans that are too long. It is easy to get them altered if they are too long. But they are too short, they will always be too short. Here are some popular upscale brands of jeans. Diesel, True Religion, Se7en, Affliction.


When the weather get warm, wearing shorts can be the most practical choice in outdoor wear. Khaki shorts are fine for the outdoors but keep the length in mind. If you are overly short, wearing baggy long shorts will cover too much leg and make you look shorter. When wearing khakis always shoot for 1 inch below the knees. Their seems to be trend of receding length in shorts, but short shorts are still far from in style and will most likely make you appear gay or like your grandfather.
Board shorts work great if the situation allows it. You can generally tell nicer board shorts by the thread count. The thicker the material, the higher quality and longer lasting the pair will be. Board shorts should be worn with sandals. This is a very important rule and should never be broken


T-shirts have always been in a man’s arsenal. However, it is important to have a variety of tees for every occasion. A man should always a few plain white tees he can wear under dress shirts. They don’t have to be fancy. A simple hanes shirt would do the trick. In picking out a tee shirt, you first must distinguish a suitable style and size. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is buying tee shirts that are either too big or too small for them. The trick is balancing out your body appearance.
If you are thin, a tighter fit around the belly will help make you appear thicker and more balanced. If you are thicker, a slightly looser fitting tee shirt will make you appear thinner. In terms of style, you have a few options but always be weary of a few things. V-necks are still in style but tend to slowly be receding back up to the neck. If you own a v-neck or wish to buy a v-neck, make sure it v’s before it reaches breast line. No one wants to see your man cleavage. Leave that for the women. Avoid boxy tee shirts, they neglect your body type and are more geared towards a general public. Stay away from tee shirts with slogans and sayings. They used to be funny and amusing but now they simply tacky and out of style. Let’s keep the slogans and catch phrases where they belong; on bumper stickers.
Here are few sites you can find some good t-shirts.


Although I rarely wear Polo’s, they are still popular and can add some style to your wardrobe. The same rules apply for buying a polo as they do for any other shirt or article of clothing, make sure it fits you well and make sure the color scheme fits into your style. Avoid overly bright colors unless the rest of your avatar is slightly subdued. Balance is key. And never, never, pop your collar. This frat boy fashion mystique has been out of style for a few years and is not coming back anytime soon.

Button Ups

When buying a button up shirt the first thing you want to consider is again….how it fits. Always buy button ups that fit snugly below your breast line. In fact, most good button ups will be slimmer around the waist than they are around the breast line. This is the tailor fit that you are going to want to have. Another good way to determine the quality of a shirt is by thread count. The higher thread count, the higher quality of shirt it is and the longer it will last. The attractive man always has a variety of color button ups for every occasion. But out of any color, a man must have at least one white button up. It is versatile and can be worn in almost any occasion.
A reminder, unless you are wearing a tie, avoid looking uptight and up button the very top button. Conversely, don’t unbutton more than two, showing off all that hair on your chest is tacky and out of style.


There are a plethora of different types of jackets. And quite frankly, there is not enough time nor room for me to mention each kind. But I will say this. Jackets are the cherry on top of a sundae and have the ability to make or break your outfit. If you are short, don’t get tailed jackets or double breasted jackets. If you are taller, it is better to get jackets that hang just slightly longer. In buying an overcoat make sure it has enough buttons especially if you aren’t very tall. If you choose to buy a leather jacket, choose your colors carefully. Black is safe and more versatile. Brown is rustic and more adventurous. I’m not going to argue which is better but it is good to know what each stands for. If you buy a dress jacket make sure the lapels lie flat your chest. If they bow out, more than likely it is too tight of a fit. And as mentioned before darker color jackets will make you look thinner, while lighter color jackets will make you look thicker. Blazers are always in style. If you can find a nice, navy blazer, you’ll find that it goes with a wide variety of outfits.


Women love shoes and they will pay attention to them. Take some time to find a couple nice pairs of shoes, black and brown. It’s better they be stylish than generic. If you really don’t know what to look for, pick up a copy of GQ magazine, or better yet set up a day date with a woman you have met to go shoe shopping. It is always a benefit to get a females opinion for fashion.
Your shoes should always be clean and dirt free. Sneakers should only be worn when exercising, or casual walking. You should never plan to dress up if you are going to wear sneakers.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes can work with jeans and slacks. Black is always classier than brown but brown is more adventurous. When buying dress shoes or boots pay attention to the tip of the shoe. Square tips may have been hot in the 90’s but they out of style now. You are better going off with round tips. High heels are for women but high heel boots on man can be the ultimate fashion hit. That is of course if it is done right. In wearing socks, keep in mind that white socks on solely for exercise and should be used for nothing else. Your socks should also match your pants rather than your shoes.


Belts are a great way to accessorize. Keep in mind that your shoes should always match your belt. A nice watch is another great way to compliment your outfit. A great site for watches is Watchzone.com. You can also get rings, bracelets and necklaces. They will all add to your outfit.


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