Winter brings with many glorious days and also couple of problems. Yes I do mean the skin related problems. Some of us have to deal with cracking skin, others have the problem of dryness while many others get pimples and the pore problem. All these problems can be vanished away with top 10 winter skin care tips which must be implied.
The useful top 10 winter skin care tips include the following:
1.In winters our lips get very dry. It makes even smiling a problem for us, it loses the natural pink shade, becomes like a plastic wrapper and at times when we talk they break, tear and bleed. Its winter season so you cannot reverse this only and only if you imply a few care tips for the skin of your lips. Vaseline is great for restoring moisture to the lips. They not only moisturize your lips but give them their nourishing color back. Vaseline is a natural lip balm so always have them covered with Vaseline and then you can coat them with a lip color.
Top 10 Useful Winter Skin Care Tips
2.The powdery white appearance of skin after washing the face or getting a shower is also very common but it can be removed by using a good moisturizer. If your skin is very sensitive you can make use of Baby Lotion. It is very light and it will not damage your skin in any way.
3.The itching of the skin is also caused by dryness. The best way to reduce itching is by using glycerine so always cover your body with glycerin after a shower in the winter season.
4.Winter is a season when your skin losses its natural color and tends to get darker and unattractive, I mean the skin of hands, finger tips and arms. They look very unattractive but this skin can be repaired by the help of good moisturizers. You can make use of moisturizers such as Olay, Nivea etc. this moisturizer repair your skin and prevent it from getting dark.
5.Most women complain that after winter season it seems like their pores have opened so never not even for a second walk around without a moisturizer as this would lead to very large pores.
6.If you want your skin of face to remain fair and not have wrinkles at an early then never wash your face with warm water. Always wash your face with lukewarm water.
7.When you go for a shower make sure that the water is not very hot but is mildly warm because if you use very hot water for showering then this would result in scaly skin.
8.In winter season when you wax your skin, wash it with lukewarm water and then cover the waxed skin with a good moisturizer with would heal and repair the skin.
9.Hair loss is very frequent in winter season and so it is very important for you to wash you hair with cold water and never use hot water for hair as this would open the hair follicle and cause hair fall.
10. Most importantly do not let your skin dehydrate so take plenty of liquids.


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