Cut Your Nails After Your Shower or Bath

If you are currently experiencing nail problems, the best time to cut your nails is after a hot shower. Soak your nails in a mug of hot water for a few minutes. Once your nails are moist and warm you can cut them quickly and easily. This is especially useful for people with brittle nails that powder on cutting them. A great nail care technique is to soak your nails in warm water for some time and then drying it with a towel before trimming. They are soft and pliable and less prone to breaking. Frequent cutting helps your body grow stronger nails especially once the brittle portions are removed.

Push Back Cuticles

Other handy nail tips include using a cuticle stick to gently push your cuticles back after you finish trimming your nails. This will not hurt you at all. A good technique for effective nail care is to push back cuticles on dry and cracking nails with a dab of cuticle oil to heal and strengthen them.


Smoothen jagged edges and uneven nail tips after pushing back your cuticles. Using a double-sided emery board, gently file your nails to smoothen the edges using firm yet gentle strokes back and forth. Avoid nail corners with a file. Try to cut these ends off with a cutter or gently flatten the ends with the edge of the nail-cutter or file.

Shape your nails

Shape your nails for pretty fingertips. There are a variety of shapes you can choose according to the length of you nail, thickness of the cuticle and natural shape. Shape your nails oval, square, round or anything you fancy to suit your mood! Use a file and nail-cutter to achieve the desired shape and length.


Dry your nails properly after washing your hands and apply hand lotion or cream on your fingertips in circular movements to moisturize your nails as well. Moisturizing is a basic and effective nail care technique to prevent cracking or brittle nails. Those with nail problems will benefit from moisturizing since it helps soften the nails and prevent breakage on trimming, caused due to frequent use of nail paints and nail removers which have a dehydrating effect on the nails.

Harden Soft nails

Useful nails tips to harden soft cuticles include soaking your hands in warm olive oil for about twenty minutes on alternate days. This helps to slowly but gently harden your nails so that they grow out strong. For brittle nails, wearing nail polish or colorless base coats are a good nail care technique to harden the cuticles. For those with nail problems, excessively soft nails and unhealthy nails, carrot juice is a great remedy. It contains calcium and phosphorous which are excellent minerals for stronger nails.

Clearing stains

Nails are stained due to interaction with strong coloring agents, acids, grease, use of acrylic nails, dirt and naturally occurring spices and other naturally colored ingredients. To clean nail stains you can mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a small cup of water. Warm the solution and soak your nails in for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply a hand moisturizer. The acid in lemons is a natural cleaning agent and removes stains quickly and easily. A good nail care tip is to dip a wad of cotton in hydrogen peroxide solution and clean under the nails to remove dirt and grease. Hydrogen peroxide is also a bleaching agent and removes stains. Shampoo mixed with water cleans dirt from under the fingernails when you soak your hand in this solution.

Make your nails shine

For stronger nails, massage coconut oil or warm castor oil on your nails after a shower. Both these oils act as natural moisturizers, repair damaged cuticles and lend shine to your nails.


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