The question Hair loss, what to do? is not so easy to answer, because first you need to determine what is hair loss. Finally, each person loses hair. It is part of the normal hairgrowth to the fact that the “old” hair fall out after a certain time. Hair loss is only spoken when a person loses more than 100 hairs a day, or when the hairs fall out all at a certain point of the head. This has the consequence that bald patches occur, and has nothing to do with normality. Hair loss occurs in women as in men. Although most men get bright hair or bald in old age, do not resign yourself some.

Hair loss in men

hair loss in menBefore it can be considered a treatment ofhair loss, the cause must first be determined. It must be excluded that the hair loss is not due to a serious illness, because then contact the doctor and not the herb garden or the chemist’s.
Hair loss in men is the hormonal, what is the cause of the problem in most cases, which is on testosterone. Either the testosterone level is low, or the hair roots do not respond as well to the male hormone. With topically applied minoxidil tincture can be remedied here.

Hair loss in women

hair loss in womenThe Bald leaves many men look more masculine and therefore constitutes for most lords of creation no major problem womenwho are struggling with hair loss, but make always the question of what they can do against the lights expectant hair because of awoman is thick, pretty hair expected. Even when women first, the cause of hair loss should be determined and a disease are excluded.
Most often women have to fight through menopause with the failure of the hair. This is related to the woman’s body makes less female hormones in old age, which increases the proportion of male hormones. The dermatologist can create with the use of appropriate remedial preparations.


If the hair loss is a condition excluded, should be tried before taking any medication first to put the problem in a natural way to body. In most cases, the cause of hair loss in young people in mental distress, or a deficiency is to look for.
1.   The important thing is to abolish the cause of the stress, the hair grows back by itself. Also, an unhealthy lifestyle is often suspected as the cause of the hair loss. Who is affected, should make sure he sleeps enough and stimulants, such as alcohol, waived.
2.   The deficiency is due to a wrong diet. Therefore, both men and women suffering fromhair loss at an early stage should change their diet so that it is balanced and the body sufficient minerals and vitamins are made available.
3.   With a shortage of the minerals zinc and iron for hair loss are made primarily responsible. Such a defect can be detected through a blood test and then treated if necessary. Also a lack of biotin is considered as a cause of hair loss into consideration.
4.   Hair loss primarily helps the disconnection of stress, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Who in addition to diet still want to use something external that can try some home remedies for hair loss treatment.


1.   Home remedy garlic is said that he could stop the hair loss. Therefore, some bald contender rub their bald spots with a garlic. Even with onions, mixed with honey, should be able to do something about hair loss.
2.   Furthermore, the regular washing of hair to counteract the hair loss home remedies chamomile tea. If you are massaged several times a week the scalp with a mixture of nettle root vinegar and water.
3.   As more home remedies for hair loss coconut oil (coconut oil for hair or Castor oil, which is regularly massaged into the scalp, as well as silica for hair) are also helpful in hair loss treatment.


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