• Choosing the Right Color Selection for Your Makeup Set
It is said that purple always look good for people who have green eyes. This color usually gives the best effect when applied as a makeup. But, there are also other selections of colors that you can add on your makeup set. The colors that must be present on your make up set and the one that you have to use must include all shades of brown especially those in the chocolate tones. This set of eye makeup ideas will help make your eyes pop.
For the first layer eye makeup tips for green eyes, the color that you must apply may also include applying dark green with copper color, brown and gold highlights. Plum and dark purple are also a great makeup color for green eyes. For evening makeup color, you can either choose gold and copper to add a glamorous look on you.
  • The Essence of Applying the Three Shades Layer for Eye Makeup
After knowing the right color that you must have on your eye makeup set, you then need to understand the concept of the basic eye color elements. The eye color elements include applying highlighter, midtone, and accent. It means that every time you are applying eye makeup, you have to apply a three-layer eye makeup, which entails applying three colors.
The first shade that should be applied is the lightest colors, which is considered as the highlighter. It has to be applied below the brow bone, on the eye’s inner corner and on the inner part of the eye lid so that the area will be brightened. Applying highlighter can automatically help in making your eye pop.
The second layer should be darker, which is the midtone. It is applied on the crease of the eye, and letting it blend towards the area highlighted. The last layer is the darkest shade, which is the accent. It is being applied on the outer part of the eye’s crease and on the upper and lower part of the lash line. The purpose of applying this is to make your eyes have a dramatic effect.
  • Eye Makeup Ideas: Eyeliner Color
Black eyeliner is not the only color that will look lovely for your green eyes. If you want to make it more different and you are willing to try out other colors, then copper, chocolate brown and charcoal gray also look nice. However, if you love your black eyeliner, you can also just stick with using it.
These are the eye makeup tips for green eyes that you have to keep in mind. If you want to look good all the time, then you have to avoid including any shades of blue on your makeup palette like the colors light and dark blues. You also have to avoid applying any shades of pink and silver. To ensure that your green eyes will look great, finish your makeup by applying the color of eyeliner mentioned and applying lots of mascara.
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