Wedding makeup is quite difficult and tricky art which everyone cannot handle. You must need to practice it before marriage, because the complete bridal look based on makeup. Here are some of the most reliable and authentic wedding makeup tips which must help you to get pretty and marvelous look.
1: You must need cleansing or facial as much as you can before marriage, Facial should do after 15 days but you can do cleansing daily. It will make your skin neat, clean, fresh and provide even tone. If your skin is neat then your makeup must be neat, fresh and good looking.
2: Before applying makeup wash your face properly, if you have oily skin then use branded face wash. After washing your face, apply moisturizer for dry skin and oily skin should avoid moisturizer as well as creamy or oily foundation.
Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks
After moisturizer apply concealer on dark circles and black spots. Mix it well and make an even tone. Now apply your creamy foundation matching to your skin color, blend it well until your face give an even texture. Yellow pigment foundation is used for best photo shoot. The cheekbones and area under the nose need special attention while applying foundation as well as blush on.
3: here comes blush on after foundation. Now apply pink gel blush for fair skin. It will provide your makeup more excellent and bright look. After the gel blush you should apply powder.

4: After completing your base, now come to eye makeup. First apply your contact lenses if you want, as they add beauty to your eyes. Give darker color to your eyebrows, black give natural look. Eye color should be according to your dress color, blend the colors well for shiny and brighter look. When your eye makeup is complete, put on artificial eye lashes then apply eye liner.
5: Your lipstick should be matching or contrast to your bridal dress. Add lip liner pencil to give accurate shape to lips and lip gloss while ending your makeup.


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