Your face is the very first thing people notice about you when you walk into a room. You want to enhance the beauty of your face to make the best possible first impression — and so you feel like your best self. In addition to following a good skincare routine, we have 4 helpful beauty tips for your face.

Picture a beautiful painting–a stunning piece of artwork needs to have a beautiful frame. Nothing less will do.  Now think of your face as that piece of art. Your eyebrows are like picture frames.  Having well groomed brows will showcase your entire face and play up your features. See a brow specialist to have your brows shaped professionally and then you can do the upkeep at home. Look for an eyebrow kit with wax-based products to define and groom your brows each morning when you do your makeup.

Having radiant skin makes you the picture of good health and it brightens your entire complexion. Instead of a matte face powder, which can accentuate lines and dry patches, choose a powder with a radiant finish. This will have your skin looking more youthful, while giving an airbrushed look. Search for powders with “radiant” or “luminous” in the name and they will set your makeup while leaving a soft focus glow.

Did you know that by simply taking a moment to curl your eyelashes that you can make your eyes look wider, brighter, and younger?  This is an often-overlooked step in the morning beauty routine, but it can make a huge difference in the appearance of your eye area. Curl your lashes every morning and then sweep on two coats of a jet-black volumizing mascara.

A clean, white smile instantly takes yours off your face and can help brighten your eyes and complexion.  Even though you brush and floss and take good care of your teeth, they naturally become more yellow by consuming drinks like coffee, tea, or red wine. There are many home kits to easily whiten your teeth in as little as two hours that work as well as expensive bleaching procedures at the dentist.  Teeth whitening is an important step in your overall beauty routine.


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