How to remove wrinkles?
Youth is so much loving and beautiful that no body wants to be looked old. It is fact that some people looks old and get wrinkled in early age; while some faces remain healthy and
wrinkle free even with aging old.

Is it possible to remove wrinkles for ever?
Wrinkles are silent indication of being aged; this fact by almost has being tried to reject. Actually wrinkles are very much hard to be removed permanently;
it is possible to delay their appearance with respect to age. Even so called wrinkle removing creams and lotions seems to be claiming to remove wrinkles but practically none of them is 100% successful to remove the wrinkles for ever. Some of them works well but have temporary effect on wrinkles.

How it can be delayed?
Wrinkles are ground reality of aging which can not be denied. However the onset of wrinkles is possible to be delayed as much as allowed naturally by avoiding the factors involved to create wrinkles.

Tips to Avoid Reasons of Wrinkles
Here some guidelines are given in order to avoid the harmful factors resulting in wrinkles.

Avoid UV Rays of Sunshine
Sun light having UV rays affects the skin badly and causes dryness of the skin; resultantly wrinkles are appeared. In order to avoid it use sunscreen and when ever you have to go outside in the sun, umbrella or sun hat should be used. Also avoid unnecessary sun bathes or wandering in sunlight for long time. Even manage your shopping and other activities avoiding peak hours of sun light as much as possible.

Avoid Sleep Deprivation
Sleeplessness has adverse affect on skin and cause wrinkles. Have a good sleep and avoid late night waking habit. It is also pertinent to mention that you should try to adopt good sleeping posture in order to avoid pressing your face skin on hard pillows or under your arms.

Avoid Over Washing the Skin
In order to avoid dryness of skin, do not over wash it with strong soaps frequently; Natural oily skin may be damaged and turned into dry.

Skin Moisturizing
After every wash and bathing you should moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer. Daily moisturizing the skin may reduce the risk of wrinkles and keeps your skin flexible, fresh and beautiful.

Keep Smiling
Keep smiling and avoid emotional expressions to be continued resulting wrinkles. Try to find out your face expressions in mirror which are making wrinkle lines and try avoiding these.

Emotional Satisfaction
Face expression are very much related to your emotional changes like, depression, fear, hate, love, anger and stress. Try to be happy and avoid being oversensitive to pretty things. As much you remain satisfied and happy your face looks fresh and beautiful. On the other hand your worries, tensions and depression may draw wrinkle lines on your face.
Avoid Dehyderation
Try to manage healthy intake of water in order to avoid skin dryness and wrinkles.


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