Frizzy locks and sun-parched skin are common after-effects of a sun-filled vacation period. 

Just as we stock up on SPF potions before heading out into the sunshine, looking after skin and hair post-exposure is just as important. 

You may be looking tanned and gorgeous as autumn closes in, but that ’healthy glow’ is a sign that your skin is responding to UV damage, when melanin (our body’s natural sunscreen) moves towards the outer layers of the skin, making it darker. 

Restore and revive with these post-sun saviours. 


Symptoms: Frizzy texture, split ends and a dehydrated mane thanks to UV exposure and excessive heat. 

Solution: “Treat your hair to a nourishing weekly intensive treatment or mask that will feed your tresses,” recommends high-profile stylist Norris Ogario. 

“For added therapy, pop on a shower cap after applying the mask to trap in the moisture and encourage the ingredients to absorb faster and penetrate deeper into the shaft to leave locks shiny and manageable.” 

* SOS: There’s only one thing for it if your ends are looking beyond repair — a trim. Split ends will impede healthy growth so just half an inch snipped off will make your hair stronger in the long run. 


Symptoms: Dull, dry and lacklustre skin due to a build-up of sunscreen over the summer. 

Solution: “Use a gentle body exfoliator that contains alpha hydroxy acids or fruit enzymes that will help purge product build-up and remove dead skin cells to pep up bronzed limbs,” suggests Jill Zander, founder of Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. 

“If you want to keep skin soft, smooth and glowing, a tan extender will also help boost your glow.” 

* SOS: Embrace a body oil daily, using on slightly damp skin for extra absorption. Choose one with restorative ingredients such as evening primrose to boost your skin’s structure and elasticity. 


Symptoms: Dark marks on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip from over-exposure to the sun. 

Solution: “To combat pigmentation and sun spots, use an even skin tone corrector to help fade away summer splotches and give a more even skin tone,” says B. skincare expert Ian Baynes. 

“It’s also important to protect the skin with a moisturiser containing SPF daily.” 

* SOS: If your sun spots and pigmentation marks are starting to affect your confidence, look into a professional laser treatment, which can permanently dissolve. 


Symptoms: Tight-feeling skin which may have a creepy appearance, especially if you’ve suffered sunburn. 

Solution: “Dehydrated skin tends to look worn and lined so you need to restore balance with a routine that includes a serum, mask and moisturiser,” advises make-up artist Jemma Kidd.

“Use a night cream that stimulates cell regeneration. Skin repairs itself at night and the temperature of the skin increases during sleep, aiding the absorption of active ingredients.” 

* SOS: Book in for a post-holiday enzyme facial, with your local beauty therapist. The gentle exfoliation will help to restore your natural glow.


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