are more important for every one. eyebrows add strength and meaning to your face. Fine groomed eyebrows add to your beauty. There are some ways to get beautiful eyebrows.
1. First you must pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will go overnight. In shaping your eyebrows make use of your facial features.
2. Then use a pair of slant edge tweezers which hold hairs without difficulty. Comb hairs one way and after that other to remove loose hairs.
3. You should pluck hairs involving the brows and any stragglers. Do not remove the hairs from above your eyebrows.
4. Pluck all hair separately close to the root. Work in the way of the growth.
5. Always stay away from over plucking. In defining your eyebrows select a shade close to your natural hair color.
6. When using a pencil you must apply in small, feathered strokes. When starting at the interior corner work outwards.
7. Blend the color with a brush. To tame stray hairs simply use hair gel and comb through to neaten.


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