Brushing Tips for Longer Hair
To start with, bend forward half way allowing your hair to fall in front of you. Make sure you are using a brush with natural bristles and a wooden. Begin brushing your hair from the nape of the neck over the head all the way down till the hair ends. Afterwards, stand straight again and let the hair fall normally and brush from the bottom of the hairline flowing down the strands till the ends. After that, brush the top layers into place with long and even strokes. After each stroke, smoothen down the hair with hand to diminish the static effect.

Following every week, increase the number of strokes. Start with five strokes and add more stroke to the count every week till you reach a comfortable level. Lest your hair becomes oily more often, reduce the number of strokes.
Also, often people fail to understand that always brush your hair only when they are dry, since hair is very vulnerable for breakage when wet. Thus, brushing wet hair isn’t a good idea at all. Also, remember even when your hair gets dried, don’t move to brushing just yet; instead comb them first.

When combing wet hair, always use a comb with big tooth and watchfully disentangle your hair from end to end to acquire a smoothened look. Avoid too close a contact with your hair roots.
For those with rather shorter hair, prefer to use a Paddington brush which has soft shielding bristles while styling and blow-drying your hair to get the desired look. Learning this tip will surely bring a smile on those faces which worry about their height. If you want to give yourself an impression of a little more height, then use a pick to tease your hair.
If you have straight hair with medium length, a Paddle brush with soft protective bristles is what you need.

If you have medium length wavy bobs, prefer to use an extra large round brush to set the kinks and curls, giving them a flamboyant look.
Long hair flowing down your shoulders? For you, a thick, loose-toothed brush or a big round ceramic brush would do the trick.


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