Human beings inherit the best traits from their parents. It is when egg and sperm unite. The best Genes are transferred to the off spring. Even diseases are transferred from parents to child. Like diabetes thalassemia etc. if there are inter marriages generation after generation then the IQ level decrease. Complexion, features, intelligence, type of
hair, color of eyes etc. are taken from their parents. It is good if we marry other than our first cousins generation after generation.
So it is true that nature has a big hand in producing ugly or beautiful off springs. It is not so that beautiful people will produce lovely people and ugly will produce ugly people but that genes play big roles as off spring may get your grandmother’s colored eyes and your father’s beautiful hair. Research indicates that the people who most are attractive are the ones who are the most symmetrical.
And this is when there are no problems during the pregnancy. So it is clear now that pregnancy is a very crucial time when mothers should take care of themselves as it has a great effect on the off spring. One bad habit may result in problematic baby i.e. physically handicap, retarded baby, cause blindness, cut lip etc.


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